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Translate 200 languages, Apple's Lockdown Mode, crazy TikTok conspiracies

October 18, 2022

Drinking can trap you in another dimension — or so TikTok users say. Plus, 3 creepy lists that show everything Google knows about you, use your kid's voice in your GPS app, update Chrome now, track prices to snag the best deals and one big cybersecurity mistake you're making.

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Amazon's smart shopping carts, Windows 12, Starlink for boats

October 17, 2022
If you can't parallel park, this new steering system can help. It lets your car drive sideways! Also in this episode, you can use Tesla superchargers — even if you don't have one. Plus, when Windows 12 will come out, find hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnb rentals and how to find out who's calling without answering the phone.
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