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The inventor of the cellphone on his first-ever call and what's coming next

August 3, 2021
Cellphones completely changed the way we communicate. One of the most influential figures behind the tech? Marty Cooper, known as the Father of the Cellphone. In this episode, Kim and Marty take a trip down memory lane. He tells the story of his first mobile call. No, it was definitely not to his wife.
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Tech Refresh: Fake Windows 11 installers, update your iPhone, Alexa's new persona

July 30, 2021
Windows 11 is coming, but it's not here yet. Before you go Googling for the installer, a warning about dangerous malware. Plus, a new update for iPhones and iPads goes well beyond cool new features; it fixes a serious vulnerability. In the tech tip, a simple way to change your Echo's wake word and voice.
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