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Tech Refresh: Crazy Facebook conspiracy theory, Apple's $550 headphones, vaccine scams

December 11, 2020
Allie, Ben and Mike dive into the week in tech news, including a crazy conspiracy theory making the rounds on social media, Apple's shockingly expensive new headphones and a game-changing app from Google. Can Ben fool Allie and Mike in Brand New or Not True? And the inspiring story of an Amazon driver who saved a man's life.
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How music therapy changes lives to creating the perfect playlist

December 8, 2020
Think about just how powerful music is. The right song can make you laugh, dance, cry or sing. But did you know music can be deeply healing, too? Music therapy is being used to treat patients with cancer, Parkinson's, MS and Alzheimer's. In this podcast, Kim sits down with Joy Allen, chair of Berklee College of Music's Music Therapy Department. She shares more about the power of song, and you'll learn to come up with the best playlist for where you are in life.
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