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Tech after death: Startups breathing new life into the funeral industry

November 10, 2020
People say there are only two certainties: death and taxes. But another thing is also certain: technological advancement. In this fascinating, thoughtful and surprisingly funny podcast, Kim explores the deathcare industry, where tech startups are shaking up the funeral profession. Cutting-edge technology is changing the way we’re buried, and creative professionals are bringing more innovation than we’ve seen in centuries.
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Tech Refresh: Debt collectors in your DMs, faulty AirPods, scam of the week

November 6, 2020
This week, Allie, Ben, Cassidy and Mike talk Amazon's potential plans to take over rural delivery, new ways debt collectors can harass consumers and a get-rich-quick scheme spreading through a popular app. Plus, the crew reveals the new most-popular video on YouTube and debates a 24-hour break from tech. Spoiler: It's not going to happen.
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