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Spotting fake news, find any photo, scam calls mistake

April 1, 2022
We all know what happened at the Oscars, but did Will Smith make a bald joke years ago on “The Arsenio Hall Show”? Kim has a simple trick to save you all that scrolling when you’re looking for a photo among thousands on your phone. And Allie has four tips to slow those annoying — and dangerous — scam calls.
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White House warning, Google shortcut, FBI cybercrime report

March 25, 2022

The White House put out a list of what businesses need to do to protect themselves from cyberwarfare. The problem? It's far from helpful. Plus, a helpful Google Drive shortcut you'll use again and again. And the FBI's 2021 Internet Crime Report is here. It was a banner year for hackers — and that's a bad thing for you.

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