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Space travel coming soon, thin speakers, unsend texts

October 27, 2022
Have a printer at home? Follow these five critical security steps to keep hackers out. Plus, new smart screws detect when they’re loose, MIT researchers build ultra-thin speakers, 3 gotchas about unsending text messages, encryption 101 and all you need to know about Spaceship Neptune, a space travel capsule that costs $125,000 per ticket.
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Digital license plates, no more shared Netflix, Halloween tech

October 26, 2022
Check your pinky for this smartphone deformity. Plus, Amazon is hiring 100,000 seasonal workers, Netflix cracks down on shared accounts, best ways to use smart plugs, California drivers can now sport digital license plates on their cars and Facebook users must change this privacy setting. Also, use tech to have the spookiest house on the block this Halloween.
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