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Scary! Hidden cameras are a vacationer's privacy nightmare

June 5, 2018
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? More and more vacationers are discovering hidden cameras in their rentals or hotel rooms, and you won’t believe some of the nooks they are found in. As if the thought of being recorded isn't scary enough, the legal action (or lack thereof) in many privacy cases will surely frighten you. In this Komando On Demand podcast, I’ll share my own harrowing experience, how to spot hidden cameras, and what to do if someone’s been recording your every move.
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Is Amazon’s Alexa listening and recording more than you realize?

May 31, 2018
Is Alexa spying on you? Your personal voice assistant might be a double agent. It works for you by answering questions and making life easier. She’s also working for Amazon collecting information. You can listen to everything Amazon has stored away and delete your past. You might have growing privacy concerns. In this free Komando on Demand podcast, you’ll hear how to listen to everything you have said to Alexa and how to the delete the recordings.
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