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Robin Hood ransomware, 'Top Gun' AI, Facebook downgrade

June 3, 2022
A new kind of ransomware is on the loose, and victims can't pay to get the encryption key to their files — they must complete three acts of charity. Plus, Val Kilmer is back in "Top Gun: Maverick," thanks to the help of AI and deepfake technology. And Facebook is losing one of its best security features. We'll tell you what to do instead to keep your account safe.
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Smart headlights, bionic eye for blindness, slim XR glasses

June 2, 2022
Is the DeLorean coming back as an EV? Here's all you need to know. Plus, Ford makes it easy to 3D-print accessories and a bionic eye partially restores a woman's vision. Also, here's how to trade in old gear for Amazon cash and how many steps you should take each day.
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