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Popular smartphone apps are selling your location data

December 11, 2018
Many of the most popular apps we download on our iPhones or Android devices track our location usually through GPS or cell tower triangulation. These apps say it is to better deliver content. It turns out that's not all they're doing. In this episode of Consumer Tech Update, Kim shares research data on just how much of your location these apps are tracking and what is being done with the data.
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Turn off this TV feature to get the best movie viewing experience

December 10, 2018
Have you ever watched a movie on your new high-def television and thought that maybe something was off with the picture? Movies are shot on film and soap operas are shot on high-speed video so the look of each is very different. In this episode of Consumer Tech Update, Kim explains this phenomenon of the "soap opera effect" and how you can turn it off to enjoy movies they way they were meant to seen.

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