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New Google Maps features, Windows hack, video camera tricks

July 29, 2022
Hackers breached Twitter. This could put your whole digital world in danger. Plus, Google Maps is rolling out three new features that will change your future trips forever. Also, you'll get insider Windows tips plus a few video camera tricks. We're also taking you inside the FTC's battle with fake reviews along with Meta's fight to get rid of "leap seconds."
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ESPN price boost, new MacBook Pros, Amazon doctors

July 28, 2022
Need a new remote? Just use your old phone! Here are a few other surprising ways to reuse an old iPhone or Android. Plus, I'll tell you how to hide your home from Google and block political spam from your inbox. If you have ESPN+, you'll have to pay a lot more each month. Apple could come out with new MacBook Pros soon — here are the details. Oh, and Amazon may have just bought your one medical doctor.
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