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AI marriage vows, AnyDesk scam alert & tools better than ChatGPT

May 5, 2023

Plus, are robots overworked? One tired bot faceplanted on the factory floor. Strangely, parrots love to gossip online. Find the best seat for your flight, upgrade your email management and new tricks to transform how you use Google Docs. 

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ChatGPT incognito mode, Microsoft Edge leaking info & AI news app

May 4, 2023

Plus, tennis star Emma Raducanu is training clients via hologram, and the crazy story of how a Medal of Honor recipient's remains were identified 73 years after his death. Hear from Olivia and Natalie, who had a nightmare brush with artificial intelligence voice cloning. Share your phone’s screen on your TV and how to password-protect important docs the easy way.

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