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Job-stealing robots, free browser games, Echo TV trick

May 2, 2022
How much job security do you have? Depending on your position, you may only have 10 years before a robot steals your job. In this episode, I'll tell you why digital real estate is exploding, how car-buying will change in the future and which free games you can play in your browser. You'll also get a few tech tricks, like how to use an Echo to hear TV dialogue better and how to find photos on your phone more quickly.
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Free audiobooks, front door scam, check your phone's privacy report

April 29, 2022
Scammers might show up at your home. If they claim to be an "energy auditor," slam the door in their faces. Plus, Elon Musk buys Twitter, new EVs are on the way and Google's plans for "ambient notifications." And learn how to check your phone's hidden privacy report and find full audiobooks on YouTube.
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