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Government emergency alert system scams are spreading across the country

October 3, 2018
Most of us remember those tests on television of the Emergency Alert System back in the day. Now that most of us have cellphones, the government is testing a new way to communicate with the public. But beware, this can also bring out hackers and scammers that want to take advantage of the situation. In this episode of Consumer Tech Update, Kim warns us to be on our guard as hackers and scammers take advantage of these types of situations where victims are ripe for the pickings.
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Facebook hacked again

October 2, 2018
The worst hack in Facebook history happened last week affecting some 50 million user accounts. But, your Facebook account isn't the only one that landed in the hands of hackers. In this episode of Consumer Tech Update, Kim looks at what last week's Facebook breach could mean for those users affected and how it can impact more than just their Facebook account.

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