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Google changing your account, Apple's Siri mistake, celebrity parents

February 11, 2022
Google is making a major change to user accounts — and it's one you should make now before it happens automatically. Plus Apple says it was gathering Siri data even when you said "no thanks." And find out why the internet is talking about celebrities and their interesting lineage.
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How advertisers collect your data and target you with ads

February 9, 2022
Male, 38 years old, married, two kids under five, watched a YouTube video about lawn care, visited a home improvement store in the last 10 days, listened to a podcast about lawns, earns $68,000 a year in a management position, and lives in a certain zip code. That’s how specific advertising can be today. In this episode, I sit down with advertising CTO Premesh Purayil from Freestar to learn how it works and how to opt out of the data tracking.
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