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Finding a sperm donor has become as easy as online shopping

June 15, 2017
Imagine swiping left or right on your smartphone to choose your child, or scrolling through Facebook & Craigslist for a sperm donor. Today, non-traditional methods are taking over. The process is as easy as pointing & clicking. A day or two later, sperm is delivered to your house. In this Komando on Demand podcast, we speak with experts from a national sperm bank & a company that created an in-home kit to measure sperm count.
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Living the Dream: Money in the Music Stream

June 7, 2017
Back in the early years of broadcast, musicians and aspiring talk personalities relied solely on sponsorships and big business to put money in the bank. Then, advertisers stepped in. Now, we live in a world where anyone can stream live, and some have figured out how to make money doing it. But can you truly make a living on the air? In this Komando on Demand podcast, you’ll hear from the latest generation of broadcasters who are making money streaming live, right from their home.
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