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Fake LinkedIn AI CEO offered job, online vacant lot scams & how Google really tracks you

March 6, 2023

Description: Plus, no one really trusts ChatGPT just yet - I've got the data to back that up. Short-sightedness is on the rise and tech is to blame. How to digitize old images and negatives in no time. And if you're worried about someone snooping on your PC, I've got a simple trick to put your mind at ease.

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VW carjacking fiasco, Facebook tigers for sale & Morgan Freeman's fake voice

March 3, 2023

Plus, you're being tracked. I reveal your phone's hidden list that knows everywhere you go. Matt's got slick tips on how to digitize your old address book. And if you're worried about staying safe in cyberspace, Allie's got three habits the pros know. 

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