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EV tax credits, track celebrity airplanes, $300K phone scam

August 29, 2022
Want to help fight inflation? The government says you need to spend money! Plus, one airline worker stole a bag worth $15,000. Here's how the police found him. Speaking of airplanes, you can track politicians and celebrities with these free travel apps. You also need to watch out for this crafty scam that stole $300,000 from a couple. If you see these red flags, you're in danger.
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Worst email manners, new NASA moon trip, McAfee's alive

August 26, 2022
What new products are Apple announcing soon? Listen to find out. Plus, cellphones in the classroom, why it’s a bad idea to fix your own laptop, and how YouTubers solved a murder mystery. See if you can guess the right answer in weekly trivia and stay to the end for a very funny joke of the week!
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