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Emergency medical tech: The latest devices that could save your life

October 5, 2017
Recent news has been a tragic reminder of how fragile life is – hurricanes and acts of terror taking lives and challenging medical responders. The good news is, better and faster medical technology is emerging, such as devices to stop massive bleeding to trackers for babies and Alzheimer’s patients. In this Komando on Demand podcast, I’ll talk to the experts who are hard at work developing tech to help you avoid the doctor and prepare you for emergencies.
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Modern slavery: Model escapes captors who allegedly try to sell her on the Dark Web

September 29, 2017
The Dark Web. It’s a fascinating and dangerous place, but as public intrigue grows, so does the number of horrific stories that emerge from this misunderstood corner of the internet. One such story is the traumatic nightmare that British model, Chloe Ayling claims she went through when she was kidnapped and sold online. In this Komando on Demand podcast, I’ll explain how this modern technology is enabling modern slavery and speak with the freedom fighters who bring cyber criminals to justice.
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