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Drake's AI clone, AirTag stalking dilemma & avoid sneaky subscription fees

May 15, 2023

Plus, don’t throw away your old CDs! One guy has 400+ and I tell him how to digitize them like a pro. Also, is AI already killing people? Steve Wozniak thinks so. Why multitasking is impossible (and what to do instead), beware of restaurant QR code scams, tips for finding lost relatives and surfing the web without being tracked.

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Steve Jobs' uncashed check, ChatGPT job heist & dead phone hacks

May 12, 2023

Plus, be careful with QR codes. Clever new scams are spreading fast. How much is $1,000 worth of Apple shares in 1998 worth today? (Hint: It's a lot!). A heartwarming Facebook story, fun ChatGPT-powered tools, video game speedruns and how to upgrade your browser with an underrated feature.

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