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Cheap airfare, Val Kilmer comeback, privacy tips

June 7, 2022

Amazon Echo, Google Nest and other devices can be hacked. Here's how. Plus, Val Kilmer makes a comeback in Top Gun, a judge rules that Ring video doorbells violate privacy and IBM's self-sailing Mayflower suffers another fault in crossing the Atlantic. Also, virtual children to play with will be common in 50 years. In this episode, you'll also learn why your home needs its own email address and how to remove yourself from creepy people search sites.

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Best Amazon Echo tips, Google tricks, USB secret

June 6, 2022
Plugging in a USB cable the right way feels like a no-brainer. Then why do we get it wrong on the first try so often? Here's a secret trick you can use to put your USB drive in the right way the first time. I'll also share a useful Google trick, news of an Instagram scam, Zuckerberg's latest metaverse hijinks and whether the Ford F-150 Lightning Truck is worth the money. You'll also learn about 15 clever uses for your Amazon Echo — and security steps you can’t skip.
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