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Google privacy hack, $1,500 water bottle, Big Tech hears your prayers

August 16, 2022
Do you use prayer and mental health apps? They're probably sharing your secrets with Big Tech. Also in this episode, I'll tell you how to stop people from finding your private info on Google. Plus, you should know that using low-power mode comes with some serious issues. Want to sell a water bottle for $1,500? Slap a Theranos label on it. This merch is all the rage on eBay. Here's why.
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Smart guns, emoji sex secrets, AirTag car thieves

August 15, 2022
Stop sharing your phone number — it could put you in danger. Get a second number with this free trick. I'll also tell you how to get disposable email addresses in a second. Plus, thieves are using AirTags to steal cars, smart handguns are coming and ransomware closed an entire college forever. Also, is crypto dying? Here's my take.
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