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Catch the rarest and most breathtaking Super Blue Blood Eclipsed Moon!

On January 31st, a very rare and beautiful astronomical event will take place. The Super Blue Blood Eclipsed Moon will grace our skies… the first of its kind in a century and a half. This is huge … literally, because the moon will nearly consume the horizon with its size. Not only has it captured the attention of the world’s astronomers and astrophysicists, it has piqued the interest of history buffs and theologians. Here’s the fun part … this particular moon is totally photographical, so even if you’re an amateur, you can grab some amazing shots. The question is … when, where and how to do it right. I’ll have the best advice and talk to astronomer, educator, author and speaker Andrew Fraknoi along with popular tech videocaster Jeremy Judkins as we share must-have tips. Don’t miss it. App background

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