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Cancer-fighting nanorobots seek and destroy tumors along with other breakthroughs to end cancer

March 15, 2018
With the latest in cancer detection technology, your odds of preventing it go up. The more you know about your own DNA, the better chances you have of ambushing cancer long before it happens. And if it does happen? Nano Robots may soon help. Cancer detection, prevention and defeat are now partners, and you shouldn’t be afraid to learn about them.

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High tech bullet-proof police protection gear that you can get too.

March 8, 2018
For every police officer that goes down in the line of fire, hundreds are saved by new technologies in ballistics, body armor, bullet-proof protective gear and trauma prep packs. Now you can get the very same gear used by Special Elite, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement to protect you and your family. In this free Komando on Demand podcast, I’ll tell you about the cutting edge tools to gear up, prepare smart, and stay ready.

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