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October 19, 2020
This week's exclusive episode of Komando On Demand is a full hour of The Kim Komando Show, airing on more than 400 stations across the U.S. Listen on your schedule on the Komando Community. Try it free for 30 days with code at getkim.com. Coming up, while some argue our internet freedoms are under attack in America, it’s nothing compared to what’s happening in other countries since the pandemic began. Plus, there’s a new customer service scam you need to know about before it drains your bank account. And if you’re tired of those non-stop Zoom meetings, you’re not alone. All that and so much more!
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The truth about streaming: What you need to know about Netflix, Hulu and all the rest

October 16, 2020
We’ve come a long way from the days of mail-in Netflix subscriptions and Blockbuster rentals. Today there are so many streaming services to choose from. You probably subscribe to a few, but have you thought about what those services know about you? With anything tech-related, you have to follow the money. Kim talks with Dan Rayburn, streaming expert and Chairman of the NAB Show Streaming Summit, to take you behind the scenes. This is a conversation that may make you rethink some of your subscriptions.
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