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Bonus: An hour of Kim Komando's national radio show

August 17, 2021
This week's podcast is a full hour of The Kim Komando Show, originally broadcast to 420+ radio stations across the U.S. on Aug. 14 and 15. Listen on your schedule for 30 days totally free at getkim.com. In this hour, a former official says China has data on every American, Apple’s plan to scan devices for child abuse images and how you could be 60 seconds away from becoming Netflix’s next big star.
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Tech Refresh: Apple's plan to fight child porn, stop scam texts, be a Netflix star

August 13, 2021
Apple says it is going to start scanning photos for child porn. Is this a privacy violation or a much-needed change? Plus, scam texts are on the rise. We've got tips on what to watch for. And if you want to be a reality star, time to submit a casting call to Netflix.
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