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Best of: Coping with the pandemic blues

November 27, 2020

In this best of episode, Kim sits down with a good friend of the Komando Show, Howard Scott Warshaw. He's notorious for creating what's regarded as the worst video game in history. A little hard on the ego, huh? Well, he's definitely bounced back. Howard and Kim talk about his start at Atari, how he became the therapist for all of Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers, and how to cope with the pandemic blues. 

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Best of: Get paid for YOUR data

November 26, 2020
In this best of episode, Kim chats with author and computer scientist Jaron Lanier — one of the founding fathers of virtual reality — about what it could look like if we truly had control over our info online. You may think advertising runs the internet, but the big data behind it is where the real profits come from. We're being followed all around the internet and tracked where we go through our phones, watches, tablets, cars, smart speakers and a multitude of other devices. If Big Tech can cash in on our data, why can’t we?
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