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All the secrets your car is collecting – Part 2

February 16, 2021
In part one, you learned about the many secrets your car collects. Law enforcement leaders are using car data to track down criminals. If you're ever accused of a crime, your car could be used against you. So, what exactly does your car know about you? Find out in today's episode, co-starring Chelsey Colbert. She works as Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum, where she leads the portfolio on mobility and location data. We're answering your biggest questions. How can a car be a weapon of abuse? And why is it legal to collect biometric secrets, like weight, through your car? Find out in today’s episode.
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Tech Refresh: Delete this app, AirPods mishap, photo storage 101

February 12, 2021
The Google Play Store just pulled a dangerous app with 10 million downloads. Is it on your phone? Plus, the mother of all data leaks could put you at risk and a cautionary tale before you fall asleep with earbuds in. Then, the team dives into digital photo storage and a Valentine's Day gift no one wants.
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