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AI-generated nudes for sale online, Opera brings free VPN to iOS & how to post on Instagram for a big impact

April 17, 2023

Plus, PC sales are plummeting. I tell you what that means for the economy. Also, I give the lowdown on ChatGPT's first slander lawsuit. That's not all - Silicon Valley employees get a taste of the real world and they're not liking it. Also, order something online but it didn't arrive? I share what to do. And does Facebook have your secret info? I have a way to find out. I also talk to a guy who needs a good app to monitor older folks with serious health issues. 

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Warren Buffett’s take on AI, upload dead people to your computer & the introvert's guide to earning $ online

April 14, 2023

Plus, it's garden season! I've got the best smart sprinklers to keep your lawn green. But that's not all - Matt's got a genius email trick to track down data-selling companies. And if you're sharing a web doc, don't miss Allie's tip to avoid embarrassing edits. Also, I tell the tale of an unbelievable Jeep underwater rescue. And can you believe The Simpsons predict the future? Matt shares some bone-chilling moments that prove they might. 

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