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50 years of the cellphone, deadly Face ID crimes & ChatGPT's medical misfires

April 11, 2023

Plus, I talk to the inventor of the cellphone, Marty Cooper, to celebrate its 50th anniversary. I also shed light into the big choice of whether or not to delete a loved one's Netflix profile after they pass away. And if you're a bird-watching enthusiast, get ready to take your skills to the next level with a little help from AI.

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ChatGPT's first slander lawsuit, Metaverse declared dead & don't sleep next to your phone – it could explode

April 10, 2023

Plus, I give my advice to a guy that wants a company email without having to pay for a website or domain name. Also, I share my thoughts on social media's response to the Nashville school shooting. NPR's biggest podcast is canceled. What does that mean for the podcasts in general? And I've got 5 pro tips that will make your online dating profile stand out. 

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