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Work faster and smarter by adding this feature to your computer

Do you find yourself recreating the same emails, coding or images over and over again? It’s understandable.You might be sending out the same email one day to several people, or working on multiple versions of a document, contract or computer coding. You might save it into a clipboard so you can copy and paste each time you need it.But you might not save it since you just need to use it that day. Then, days later, you wish you had saved it because invariably you need to recreate a new version of that email, coding, document or image.We have a free and simple solution that will save you lots of time. It’s called Ditto Clipboard and you find it free in the Microsoft Store.Ditto Clipboard takes your standard Windows 10 clipboard a few steps further than simply copying and pasting one item at a time. You can saved dozens of items, including text, coding, images and HTML.

Easy access from any device

Ditto Clipboard is an internet-accessible organizational tool. You save content to it that you can then access from any internet-connected device.Just be sure to log into your Microsoft account. Ditto Clipboard is free and safe when you download it from Microsoft Store, so there’s no reason not to have a Microsoft login.To download Ditto, click on the blue link below. Then click on Get, Install, then Launch.You can save Ditto to your taskbar for easier access, if you’d like. Click the three-dot menu to the right of “Launch,” then select Pin to Taskbar. You can also install it to your devices or your Start menu.Note: Ditto works with the Windows 10 operating system, version 14316.0 or higher. To check your version, click on the start button (the window icon on the bottom left side of your screen).Go to Settings, then click on Update & Security. You’ll find your version under View update history.
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