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When nothing’s on TV this site will save you!

You come home from a rough day, dinner in hand from that fast food restaurant that you pass every day. You sit down in front of the television with your meal and flip through the channels for something to watch. You keep flipping and flipping. Before long you realize your food is getting cold, so you settle for an old CSI rerun, as you bite into your now cold fast food burger.


If you are like me then you often spend more time looking for something to watch than you do actually watching it. Luckily, today’s Cool Site may help us with this problem.

With (a bit of a mouthful I know), you can instantly get terrific suggestions to movies and shows on all of your favorite streaming applications. The app can filter by genre, mood, staff picks, even application.

Say you are in the mood for something thought-provoking on Netflix, after selecting your options you are recommended multiple movies and shows on Netflix that suit this theme.

Each suggestion includes the IMDb ratings and descriptions, as well as comments from other users who share their thoughts and opinions on the feature. You can even view a trailer for the movie or show directly from the site.

If you are looking for some good suggestions for shows or movies to watch, definitely try out

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