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Watch your kids! Install a keylogger on your Windows PC

It’s a nagging question that has alarmed parents for thousands of years. What are your kids up to?

If they’re at school or a friend’s house, who’s there with them and what are they doing? Of course, nothing’s more important than your family, so it makes sense that you’re concerned.

Unfortunately, the internet has turned this simple concern into a very real problem, with potentially devastating problems for your kids. You just need to watch the evening news to know that young people are talking to strangers online – and meeting them in person, seeing images and videos they shouldn’t watch, or just chatting with friend you don’t trust.

Whatever your kids are doing, it’s your job to keep them safe. But how do you do that when they’re on the internet, either in their bedroom or many miles away?

One way is with a keylogger, or a keystroke logger. These are software programs that you use to keep tabs on your kids by virtually watching each key that they type on the keyboard.

Note: Keep reading to find out if someone is tracking your every move.

Try these free keyloggers. Then tell us in comments about the keylogger program you’re using.

Revealer Keylogger

Revealer is a good, basic software program to track everything your kids are typing on their keyboards. That ranges from messages to passwords.

The files are saved as TXT files and easy for you to find. Yet, Revealer is not easily visible for  the kids you’re keeping an eye on.

How to download Revealer: Find Revealer Keylogger on a site like Softonic. Click on Free Download (Safe download) and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.


KidLogger is a keylogger specifically designed for parents. It works on Windows computers, Macs and Android tablets and smartphones, with some access to create parental controls on iPhones.

KidLogger keeps track of everything your kids are doing. The site sends you the user logs that the site sends you.

There is a free option for up to five screens and it keeps a record of activity for nine days. You can upgrade to Standard or Professional to track more devices and for a longer time, with prices starting at $9 for three months and going up to $89 for a full year.

How to download KidLogger: Register on and create an account. Select Download, then click on the blue Download link for Windows, Mac or Android smartphones and tablets.


StupidKeyLogger is a simple-to-install program to track every keystroke and mouse movement that your kids make on their laptop, tablet or Android smartphone. Yet it does require some advanced computer skills to use it.

How to download StupidKeyLogger: Find StupidKeyLogger on GitHub from the device you’re going to track, then select Clone or download. You can open it or download it to a Zip file.

Choose Download for Windows or Mac OS. Carefully follow each step.

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