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Use “Windows to Go” when you are traveling for ultimate security

Ever wished you can take your entire Windows 10 operating system, files, and applications, slap them on a portable USB drive, then boot it up wherever you go?

You may argue that a micro computer or even a laptop can do the trick, but I’m talking about something that can fit in your pocket. It will give you your own consistent and secure desktop Windows 10 environment on any computer while taking advantage of all the hardware that’s available.

I’m talking about Windows To Go, of course.

Windows To Go

Windows To Go is an option for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education users for creating a portable Windows workspace that can be booted from an approved portable USB drive.

It’s great for road warriors who need a consistent version of their desktop wherever they go. In a way, it’s like carrying your very own Windows 10 computer in your pocket.

Business people and students will appreciate the benefits of a Windows To Go portable drive since they can plug it into a PC (any computer that’s certified for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10) then boot to their own secure Windows 10 desktop.

So now, instead of assigning computers to each employee or student, they can just have their own Windows To Go USB drives to roam and work with.


Again, as mentioned earlier, Windows To Go is available for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education versions and not Windows 10 Pro.

Additionally, you can only use these certified USB drives for installation:

  • IronKey Workspace W700
  • IronKey Workspace W500
  • IronKey Workspace W300
  • Kingston DataTraveler Workspace for Windows To Go
  • Spyrus Portable Workplace
  • Spyrus Secure Portable Workplace
  • Spyrus Worksafe
  • Super Talent Express RC4 for Windows To Go
  • Super Talent Express RC8 for Windows To Go
  • Western Digital My Passport Enterprise

Host computers have these restrictions:

  • Hardware that has been certified for use with Windows 7 or later
  • Windows RT cannot boot into Windows To Go
  • Mac computers cannot boot into Windows To Go

Creating a Windows To Go USB Drive

Here’s a summary of the Windows To Go installation process:

You will need a Windows 10 Enterprise or Student DVD or ISO image to create a Windows To Go portable desktop. Search for “Windows To Go” then select the best hit to start the process.

Plug in your certified drive, select it, choose the location of your Windows 10 image then click Create. The tool will then reformat the USB drive, transfer the image and proceed to create the bootable drive.

You can now plug it into virtually any PC, restart and reboot into your own Windows To Go desktop!

Tip within a tip: You can also try Rufus to create a bootable USB drive for multiple operating systems.

For detailed instructions, download Microsoft’s official “Creating a Portable Windows 10 Environment with Windows To Go” guide.

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