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Tweak your computer’s appearance and maintain its performance

No matter how much you like your computer, you know it starts aging after a couple of years. It might start slowing down because of all the programs you’ve downloaded.

More noticeable, your computer’s appearance starts getting stale. All your screen’s icons stay the same, outside of a tweak now and then.

Plus, you may start noticing that some of your computer screen’s picture quality, or pixel resolution, doesn’t look quite as good as it once did. So, perk up your computer.

These three sites will help you customize its appearance, ensure that your image quality is as good as it should be and that your computer registry isn’t bogged down with hardware you no longer use.

1. CustomizerGod

With CustomizerGod, you can freshen up the look of your computer. Instead of staring at the same icons year after year, CustomizerGod lets you easily change the appearance of each one. In fact, you can tap into your saved photos to add your favorite images or your family’s faces to your computer screen.


Then, make sure your computer screen resolution is as good as it should be, with IsMyLCDOK. While every computer screen has a two or three pixels (out of millions) that get stuck on a color like black, more dead pixels than that can become really distracting. That’s why computer manufacturers sometimes have warranties to replace your monitor.

3. GhostBuster

Plus, we have a way to maintain your computer’s performance. Do you know what ghosted hardware is?

It’s when you have hardware on your computer’s registry, but you haven’t used the hardware in a long time. Getting rid of that ghosted hardware, with GhostBuster, may improve your computer’s performance.

Keep reading for more details on these programs. You may just find they give your old computer new life.

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