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Turn off your computer automatically and more

For many, computers are a big part of each day both in business and for personal use. Consumers spend their days at the office staring at a screen only to return home to look at a different one. When computer use becomes so familiar, it can be easy to forget to perform the most simple tasks.

It’s common knowledge that computers need the occasional break. Whether it be a shutdown, a reboot, or simply a period of hibernation, your computer can benefit from a little rest and refresh. But, in this age of impatience, these steps are all too often ignored.

With the Windows Shutdown Assistant, the work is removed from your plate. We’ve grown accustomed to software making our lives easier, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Not to mention, this free download has a few other exciting features up its sleeve.

What does it do?

Windows Shutdown Assistant does just as it says. It assists windows PC users by allowing them to schedule a shutdown when a trigger, such as a specific time, low battery or overheating has occurred. These triggers can also be set up to automatically log off, lock, hibernate or restart the computer depending on the way it is set up.

Security benefits

Those working with confidential data or in a public space can take advantage of the automatic lock feature. When a specific trigger takes place, such as a predetermined idle time, the software will lock the PC, ensuring that only those with a password can regain access. Your data will be safe and secure, even when locking things up slips your mind.

More than just computer health

In addition to the benefit of maintaining your PC, the Windows Shutdown Assistant provides a variety of features that can benefit the individual. Users can set reminders that will pop up on the screen at a specific time, including a visual break reminder.

The visual break reminder is a pop-up that reminds users to take a moment and walk away from the computer. The text and images in the pop up are customizable with text and images, allowing for a heavy dose of midday inspiration.

Productivity at your fingertips

You have a busy work day ahead of you, but you know that you need to set aside 30 minutes this afternoon to write a few pages on that book you’ve been writing for the last 5 years. With Windows Shutdown Assistant, you can simply set up a trigger (i.e. time of day) to prompt a specific program to run or file to open. That task you keep putting off will suddenly be right in front of you. The software even supports the ability to write notes to save ideas for later along the way.

Those looking to take productivity to the next level can schedule multiple events throughout the day to stay on task. Schedule a specific program to open at the start of your workday, or set up an event that will prompt you to check out the latest updates on a website every afternoon. With prompts lined up throughout the day, your efficiency is sure to improve.

You’re still in charge

In a perfect world, planned events would always take place at the expected time and a software that prompted the right actions would never need to be altered. However, we do not live in a perfect world. While it’s a simple task to update the triggers and events in Windows Shutdown Assistant, the software also includes a backup plan.

Should you be in the middle of a task when your automatic shutdown is scheduled to occur, a pop up will appear with a countdown window allowing you to quickly save your work or cancel the shut down altogether. This same fail-safe applies to all scheduled events, not just a computer shutdown.

Make life easier

The intention behind most software out there is to, in some way, make the lives of its users easier. Whether it’s an information system to host data and reduce the need for paper, a software the eliminates the need for manual calculations or a tool like Windows Shutdown Assistant, they all aim to serve users in their day-to-day. With features like these, it’s easy to imagine how much simpler life could be with a Windows Shutdown Assistant in your pocket.

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