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It’s time for the robot revolution

Imagine this. You’re in trouble. You call out for help, and a robot rushes to your aid.

Imagine this. Your autistic child has not responded well in therapy. Then he meets MILO, a therapy bot. Finally, a breakthrough. A good day. And the promise of more to come.

Imagine this. Your spouse is in surgery for only two hours instead of four – because a robot helps with the incision and sutures.

Imagine this. Your nephew is a soldier, fighting side by side with a robot designed to defend, protect and save his life.

No need to imagine; robots are here. If there’s a task you need to get done, chances are, robots will be able to help. And get this, robots are now teaching themselves.

Are self-teaching robots a good thing?

Robots are learning to make inferences, deductions, calculations and decisions based on experience – just like us. The race to develop more human-like robots is on. Creators are sure that one day, humanoids will possess the same creativity, emotion, sensitivity and dexterity that we do.

SOPHIA the humanoid is the brainchild of Ben Goertzel and Hanson Robotics. She was introduced to the world not too long ago and has been captivating audiences ever since.

Her eyes are cameras. She perceives and reacts to what she observes. Her facial expressions are human-like, based on her reaction to whatever is happening around her.

In an interview with SK INFOCITY, she tells the reporter that she hopes to be more emotionally intelligent. She goes on to say that she is learning what it is like to be human and that one day, she hopes to understand more about us and the world.

She is not really “programmed” to say this, but it’s not entirely self-generated. It’s all part of her vocabulary, which is a slow “learning” process. With robots “learning” by themselves, robot ethics is now the hot topic.

Robot ethics have been debated for many years, usually through science fiction stories and movies ironically enough. But now it’s real. With humanoid robots on the brink of public interaction, you have to wonder, who, or what is behind the curtain?

AI has to be programmed by someone. But what if that someone has different ethical values or morals than yours? Machines may one day bring physical, ethical and moral solutions to humanity, but whose ethics are they?

In our AI podcast, several experts chimed in and the consensus is this: Humans are inherently flawed and therefore aren’t capable of authoring perfect ethics and morals.

The program will always reflect the human err of its creator. So if the motive of a robot’s programming is to solve all man’s problems, and man is inherently self-destructive by nature, wouldn’t robots then have to enslave or destroy humanity in order to protect it from itself?

How robots affect the job market

Let’s talk about the job market. For the past decade, robots have been hidden away from view, quietly working in your dishwasher, your car, your coffee maker. This is known in the AI world as invisibility.

Today, they’re coming out of the shadows. As robots make huge improvements in medical technology, crime and accident prevention, strategic warfare, manufacturing, stock trading and more. They’re also in line for our jobs. The “machine learning” expert we interviewed in the podcast is not optimistic about the employment situation.

He advises people to get on board ASAP. Learn everything you can about AI. We need to take hold of the reigns and learn to drive it before it drives us.

As these machines, gadgets, and helpers make their way into the workplace, there will be new security systems to learn, new privacy alerts, new scams, you know the drill.  You’ve been through it before. Why not start by familiarizing yourself with the latest lingo?

Today we use words like pixel, RAM and gigabyte. Tomorrow, neural network, auto-convergent and algorithm. Above all, do not underestimate this new technology. You need to know about this stuff before it arrives on your doorstep. It’s not an option.

With knowledge on our side, we can now get excited about these “new best friends” being birthed on our behalf. Through it all, Komando Central is ready.

I promise to do what I’ve always done – to help make technology fun and safe for you. I’ve always said that knowledge is power, and I hope you decide to fill your mind with knowledge and power today.

I invite you to take some time, cruise around my website and learn about the latest technology. Listen to my podcasts. A lot of in-depth research goes into each one.

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