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The best free mobile photo editor

If you are looking to jazz-up your photos so you can share them through your social media or just build bigger, better and beautiful digital albums, we found a great, free editing application for you. You can edit out flaws, create collages, crop images and do so much more.This is a great tool to use to watermark your images if you publish them online and want to protect your photos from being stolen and reused.Surprise: It’s Adobe Photoshop Express, and this smartphone app is free.Unlike other editing applications we’ve reviewed such as Pixlr and GIMP, Photoshop express operates on your mobile device.This is the perfect editor for people who aren’t professional photographers or editors but want high-quality images.One trick to stop people from stealing your online photosMost people do not own a camera with huge lenses and professional tools. However, anyone with a phone has a camera cable of taking clear images. With growing technology and increasingly better cameras in phones, Photoshop Express is the fastest way to take an image, edit and produce in the palm of your hand.

Great features of Photoshop Express  

Photoshop Express is filled with incredible tools that most people would need both a camera and a traditional editor to obtain.A regular DSLR or SLR camera comes with knobs to adjust the contrast and exposure. PS Express comes with these temperature adjusters in addition to color correctors. The app also allows you to apply blurs, remove blemishes and add text or overlay images.For some extra flair, you can take your photographs and create single-image collages.

Photoshop Express is free

A high-quality picture doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.Using the traditional version of Photoshop can take a while to navigate. First you need to take the picture, download from your camera, upload to the program, edit, then export. This mobile version of the program pulls images straight from your phone, lets you edit and save back to your mobile device.Additionally, PS Express is free just like Pixlr, GIMP and DarkTable, another editing program we have featured.A free Photoshop clone that runs in your browserNo need to worry about spending hundreds of dollars yearly for professional editing systems on your computer. All you need to do is pull your phone out of your pocket and start creating.
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