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Teach your mouse new tricks

Computers have improved our lives in so many ways, there are too many to count. But one of the most obvious improvements is that we’re all a lot more productive than we were in the pre-computer age.Just think about one example. How many documents do you type each day? You write dozens of emails, Word documents, social media posts, online forms and many others, every day. Can you even imagine doing all that with a pen and paper?Yet, as efficient as they have made us, computers still have some annoying traits that slow you down, irritate you and maybe even make you pound on your desk. One of those is your computer mouse. Specifically, its wheel.If you use one with your desktop computer, your mouse wheel is handy. You can scroll up and down websites like Facebook, and others. You can do the same with Word documents, Excel charts, PowerPoint presentations, and many other programs.The problem with most mouse wheels is that their functionality ends right there. Worse, have you ever tried using it when you have more than one window open, say a website with Word underneath it? To use your mouse on that Word document, you have to first click on it, then start scrolling up and down.If you have a minimized document behind that first window, you have to minimize or close that first window. Once there, you can use your mouse wheel to scroll up and down.Of course, all that opening, closing, and minimizing isn’t a good use of your time. It’s annoying, too. Which is why WizMouse is so handy, and fun to use.Once it’s installed on your PC, you don’t have to close, open, click on, or minimize any open windows to use your mouse wheel. Just scroll more naturally from one window to the next, and your mouse wheel continues to work. WizMouse is a simple, basic tool that makes your life a little bit easier.
Note: WizMouse may not work on touch screens, or with some Logitech mice.

Download instructions

To get started, click on the blue link below, or click here. You will be taken to the WizMouse download page, on the Antibody-Software page.Follow the download instructions. Read those carefully, and click or un-click options like “Create a desktop icon” that you may or may not want.One un-clicked option that you may want to click is “Enable mouse wheel for applications without mouse wheel support.” If you do, your mouse can scroll up and down on many programs where it doesn’t normally work.
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