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5 tips to being more photogenic

You’re in the perfect spot having a great time when all of a sudden, a picture of you is snapped. What should be a great feeling — knowing you’ll be able to remember the moment forever — quickly turns to dread as you wonder how good or bad you look in the photo.

Suddenly, your smile becomes a bit more uneasy as you wonder if this will be a picture you’ll print or hang on your wall, or if it’ll be one you’ll disregard because you don’t like the way you looked.

The thing is, even the most confident among us go through that every now and then, and while the most important thing is the memory itself, there is nothing wrong with wanting the photo to look as good as possible. Fortunately, there are things we can all do to become more photogenic, and with help from our sponsor, Epson, we’ve got five of them for you here.

Look at the angles

Sometimes you don’t have much say in where the photo gets taken from, but if there is a choice to be had, do not face the camera head-on. Shots from that angle are rarely the kind you will like.

Instead, make sure your head is turned to about a three-quarter position. That will give your features depth, and the photo a look you are proud of.

Don’t be the closest to the camera

Group photos are some of the most fun to have, as they help you remember who was there and what was likely a great night among friends or family. They are also some of the most common photos anyone would want taken.

Well, if you happen to be part of one make sure you are not the closest to the camera. Being there will make you look larger than everyone else, so instead, try to position yourself on an even plane with everyone else.

Avoid blinking

Who hasn’t laughed at someone for having their eyes closed when the photo was taken? Who hasn’t been mocked for doing the same? It takes between 300 to 400 milliseconds — or about 1/3 of a second — to blink, yet that brief speck of time is often captured by the camera’s lens.

A great way to avoid this is to skip using the flash, but in the event that’s not an option and even if it is, close your eyes just before the photo is taken and slowly open them just as the camera is about to click.

Get that perfect smile

Smiling is a natural part of having one’s picture taken, and in truth there is no such thing as a bad one. However, if you are worried about your grin being a bit too large, just place your tongue behind your teeth before showing those pearly whites.

Doing so will keep you from smiling too wide, ensuring you don’t accidentally provide a goofy, albeit happy, face.

Stop saying “cheese!”

Though we are taught to say it for photos at an early age and, actually, cheese is quite delicious, it is not the best word when it comes to getting the best smile.

Instead, try saying “money” as the hard “e” sound at the end will make your mouth go up and eyes crinkle, providing the look of a genuine smile. Or if you want, just think of something funny and have your smile be completely organic. That would work, too.

Bonus: Be in more pictures!

No matter what you think of your look, there is no way to look good in a picture if you are not in one. Folks who don’t think of themselves as being photogenic tend to avoid having their image snapped, yet think of it all as a game of averages.

The more photos you are in the greater the chance of you liking one and besides, no matter what you look like chances are the memory will be one you’ll be happy to have.

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