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Forest sounds app
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Need some calm? Listen to the sounds of forests around the world

Amid all the noise in today’s culture, it is common to feel bogged down or unable to relax completely. This is why it is important to find specific ways to calm our minds.

You can try things like meditation, a quiet walk in the park or even an intense workout at the gym. Tap or click here for a list of meditation apps that can ease the stress in life.

Another way to relax is to incorporate soothing sounds into your day. We’ve found a site that lets you listen to soothing forest sounds from around the globe.

Sounds of the Forest

The pandemic created an unquestionable need for unity and connection. Some developers took it upon themselves to construct apps and websites that appeal to a broad audience and provide a sense of connection everyone needs.

One art and outdoor group, Wild Rumpus (from the U.K.), came up with an original way to easily connect at the click of a button. The Sounds of the Forest site focuses heavily on nature sounds. The site helps you feel more relaxed and connected through a map that features sounds from forests worldwide.

Because nature is so diverse and eclectic, there are endless possibilities that can be found throughout. This map aims to create a natural world for you to feel connected. We have outlined a few of our favorites below.

  • Heinola, Finland: Cuculus canorus in the summer evening – This forest sound, also known as “the common cuckoo,” is a European bird making its call during a summer night. Listen for this bird’s gentle, steady call in the forest, and you’ll indeed feel like you’re there.
  • Sri Lanka: Sinharaja Rainforest – With all the rarities in this rainforest reserve, you’ll be in for quite an experience listening to these woodland sounds. Over 60% of its trees are native, and there is much wildlife, including birds, reptiles, mammals and butterflies. But the main sound clip that you’ll hear is that of birds.
  • Sorreisa, Norway: Small waterfall – This sound clip has a much softer tone, given that it is a waterfall instead of other typical forest sounds. But it still provides a sense of stillness and comfort as if you were there, experiencing the waterfall for yourself.  
  • Alberta, Canada: Wood Buffalo National Park near Pine Lake – A bit more disruptive and stronger-sounding than the others, this sound clip is focused on a bird call that will keep you listening. From whooping cranes to red fox to bison, this park is known for its wildlife and natural habitat.
  • Sierra Vista, Arizona: San Pedro River Riparian Conservation Area – If you are a fan of birds, this sound clip is for you. Made under a cottonwood tree close to the San Pedro River, this recording features finches, sparrows, a Gila woodpecker and a mourning dove. This area is filled with over 80 species of mammals, over 40 species of reptiles and 100 species of birds that have made it home.  

Using this map is relatively easy. Simply visit the site and explore the sound map by clicking on any circle located on the map. Once a point on the map is clicked, the site will offer a description of each sound and a clickable play button.

There are circles with links located all across the globe, whether it is in the U.S., South America or Africa. 

There are also audio submission forms that allow you to submit sounds from local places in your area (if you would like them to be featured on the site).

To make a submission: First, record the sound on your phone. Then take a photo of the scene around you. Finally, click on the Contribution tab at the top of the site and upload the audio file via the audio submission form.

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