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Snooze your tabs so you can easily go back to them later

We’ve all been here before, right? A bogged down computer due to too many open browser tabs.See, sometimes when we’re wrapped with multiple activities – research for a paper, online shopping, social media, etc. – we usually leave tabs open, hoping to get back to them later. These are usually the pages that are relevant enough to the task at hand but are not worthy enough to bookmark.So your tabs and windows pile up. Your browser, notorious memory hog as it is, uses up your resources and before you know it, your computer freezes and you struggle to gain control.Thankfully, there are browser extensions you can use to temporarily suspend your open tabs to get back to them later. Read on and I’ll you about one of the best ones you can get right now.

Snooze Tabby

Snooze Tabby is a Chrome and Firefox extension that can put any tabs to “sleep” for later access.Unlike other browser suspenders that keep placeholder tabs open, Snooze Tabby closes out of tabs completely and they will simply reappear after a set time. This subtle difference makes Snooze Tabby a more efficient memory management helper than other similar extensions.This allows you to focus on a smaller number of relevant sites at a given moment then have Snooze Tabby remind you about the other interesting pages you stumble upon at a later time of your choosing.

How to use Snooze Tabby

1. Go to Snooze Tabby or click the download link below. Install the extension for your browser of choice.2. Once installed, you’ll see a moon-shaped Snooze Tabby icon on your menu bar.3. To snooze a tab, select it, click the moon icon then choose for how long until the tab “wakes up.” You can choose set lengths between 30 minutes up to a month or even choose a specific date and time.4. Once the set time is reached, the snoozed browser tab will reappear (as long as your browser is open).You’re not limited to the Snooze Tabby timer you’ve set either. If you want to retrieve your saved tabs earlier, you can simply click on the Snooze Tabby icon again, go to your “Snoozed list” then click on your saved tabs. You can also delete or edit the snooze times for your saved tabs in this section.Ready to put your tabs to sleep? Click here or the download link below to try Snooze Tabby now.

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