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Saving money has never been this easy – spend less in just four steps

Even as the economy continues to improve, it never hurts to save some money here and there. One of the best ways to do that is with coupons, though it’s not much fun sifting through the ads every week to find some that will be useful.Thankfully, technology has made that process easier and more efficient. We can get coupons on our phones, often times never needing to actually have a paper version of anything to get a discounted price.Many of the coupons come by way of email or visiting a website, but there are also apps that can help us siphon through them all. One of the best is Coupon Sherpa because it makes finding coupons easier than you ever thought possible.

Let it guide the way

With a tagline of “Saving Money Has Never Been This Easy,” you would expect the app to make things simple. Once downloaded, you are just four steps away from savings.What are those steps? Search, select, scan and save.As long as you have phone service or Wi-Fi, you will have access to a cornucopia of coupons to help you spend less on the things you need.Available for free for both iOS and Android, Coupon Sherpa scans through thousands of stores, able to find coupons from those you list as favorites or that are nearby based on your location. National chains or small shops, it can find them all.You can also sort the coupons by categories such as clothing, department stores, electronics and shoes.The coupon offers are updated daily, and you can even set it up to send you notifications when your favorite stores make a change. The app is also good for the planet since stores are able to scan the coupons directly from your phone and therefore do not need to waste any paper.The first-ever app of its kind, Coupon Sherpa has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times. Just click on the blue box below to download it for yourself.

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