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Save money on printing with a special font

Physical media, like books, music, and even credit cards, just isn’t that popular anymore. With everything going digital these days, it’s pretty rare to see someone carrying around pen and paper or printed sheets of information.However, printers are still a must-have for any home. You can print out boarding passes, labels, templates, coloring pages, event tickets and so much more. The downside is that ink is so expensive these days it’s hard to justify using the printer for fun.Ounce for ounce, ink actually costs far more than gasoline, and even blood! Fortunately, there are ways for saving money on printing costs. One way is to print only what you absolutely need and keep everything else in digital format.Another way is to use a font that puts down less ink when you do decide to print something. This method is actually a pretty simple way to make your ink go further, and it’s easier than you think.How in the world can a font save ink? It’s pretty ingenious, actually. Ecofont Vera Sans is a typeface that puts a bunch of tiny holes in each letter so it saves ink — up to 28 percent to be exact.You wouldn’t want to use it for a formal paper or wedding invitation, of course, but for everyday printing it works fine. And the best part is that Ecofont Vera Sans is free to download and use.The Ecofont company also offers software that will make the rest of your fonts eco-friendly, but you’ll have to pay a fee. It includes a whole family of Eco-friendly fonts, including ones for Microsoft Word and Outlook.There are even more ways to save on printer ink. Click here to find out how to maximize your ink usage and minimize the consumption. 

Download Instructions

To download the font, go to the Ecofont Vera Sans download page using my blue link buttons below. You must enter your name and email address in the provided fields to download the Ecofont.  You can leave the newsletter box unchecked.

Note: If you’re not comfortable using your real email address, you can use a fake email address instead. Click here to learn more. 

Click the green “Download” button and you will arrive at the fonts page. Click on a font link to download that font to your computer. I recommend downloading the .zip file.When fonts have finished downloading, you will need to extract the font from the .zip folder and then install the font files into your local font folder.To install the font for Windows 10, click here to get a tutorial from Microsoft. To install the font for Windows 7 or 8, see a tutorial here. To learn how to install the font on a Mac, click here.Once the font is installed on your computer, you can select it in any of your document programs to save money whenever you print.

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