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Add a retro touch to your iPhone videos with this app

Gone are the days of simple videos. There are countless apps and filters you can use to make your clips pop. You can even record in 4K with your iPhone. Just tap or click here to learn how.

But while higher video quality continues to impress, intentionally lower quality videos can also make an otherwise average clip shine.

If you love recording and sharing clips of your vacations, kids or grandkids, hobbies or just your everyday life, you’re going to love this. Ready to go RTRO?

What is RTRO?

Remember looking through old family videos that were a little blurry, didn’t have much color and were, frankly, kind of boring? Those vintage videos were once technological miracles. But nowadays, we have digital “film” that presents crystal-clear images and vibrant colors.

So, what do you do if you want to get that old-timey look? Use a filter, of course. Turn to one app that specializes in retro looks. Here’s RTRO:

The app works directly through your phone’s camera, with filters you can use to record videos. There are several looks to choose from. Just open the app and swipe to choose the filter you want. To adjust the intensity of the filter, all you have to do is drag your finger up or down.

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RTRO — created by photography company Moment — says the shorter the video you record, the better. You get one minute to shoot, pause, then shoot again. Add each clip to your “story” until you’re done. When you’re ready, simply format the video and publish it to a video sharing platform like Instagram, or export it to your camera roll to share where you want.

It really is a fun way to give your regular videos a whole new look. Use it to record your next family vacation or romantic outing. One day, when you look back at the film, it’ll have the same nostalgia old family videos have for us today.

I love it! Give me the details

Where do these filters come from? RTRO partners with creators to create new vintage looks. Each creator gets a slice of their filter’s sale, which encourages the release of even more looks — a benefit for creators and users alike.

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RTRO is free to download on iOS devices and offers three free filters. If you find others you want to use, you can purchase them at $2 a pop. But if the thought of purchasing tons of filters doesn’t appeal to you, just get RTRO+.

For $14.99/year, you gain access to the following:

  • Unlimited access to the filters
  • Edit watermarks
  • Immediate access to new filters upon release
  • Retro frame rates from 32fps down to 6fps
  • Real-time subject tracking. Just press and hold on a subject to enable this feature.

RTRO+ members can also expect new features and filters every month. It’s ideal for filmmakers of all levels, so if this sounds like the perfect app for your creative side, give it a try.

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