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Remove annoying political posts from Facebook with this trick

Do you find your Facebook News Feed a little politically exhausting lately? Fake news, real news, it doesn’t matter, all the politicking and side-leaning posturings can get a bit overwhelming.Sometimes all you want to do is watch cute pet videos, “like” that magnificent picture of a dinner salad or simply keep in touch with all of your Facebook friends and their simple daily shenanigans.Thankfully, here’s a little Chrome extension that will help you de-politicize your Facebook News Feed and maybe make it great again.The extension is called “Remove All Politics From Facebook” and it promises to let you “browse Facebook without any politics on it.”Well, not entirely. The extension only filters specific keywords (shown below) from your News Feed and judging by the content, it needs a bit of updating since the election is, you know, over. Still, it’s a huge help in clearing out your News Feed with political news you don’t mind NOT seeing. How huge? Very huge.Additionally, since it is a word filter, it can’t filter picture memes but, of course, you always have to unfollow friends who keep posting those.To download this extension, just head on to the blue download link below to go to its Chrome Web Store link, click “Add to Chrome” then click “Add extension.”Once it’s added to Chrome, just click on the new blue icon on your Chrome address bar then toggle it to “On” to start filtering.We wish there was a way to add more personalized keywords but this should suffice for now.Also, this is a Chrome-only solution. It won’t work on other browsers nor will it filter Facebook mobile apps.

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