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Quickly uninstall programs and apps you no longer use

It’s great to have a computer last a long time (and there’s a lot you can look for before you buy to make sure it will), but the older a computer is, the greater chance it’s full of applications that hardly get used anymore. Save your aging computer some memory space and speed it up again by using this helpful tool.Like Geek Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller 8, and Revo Uninstaller, Bulk Crap Uninstaller lists all of the applications and programs you have on your PC, and gives you the option of uninstalling them. Unlike just following the uninstall program for the application you want to get rid of, Bulk Crap Uninstaller removes all traces of the program from your computer, taking out leftovers that might otherwise clog your computer’s memory space.Uninstalling programs is the best way to quickly clear space on your computer to help it run faster. Since it’s absolutely free to download and use, and has many other useful features, Bulk Crap Uninstaller is one of the best programs you can get for this purpose. Read on to see what some of these useful features are, and then check out the section below to learn how to get and use Bulk Crap Uninstaller on your PC today.

What Bulk Crap Uninstaller can do

Bulk Crap Uninstaller, also known as BCUninstaller or BCU, can detect all sorts of applications on your computer. It can find game applications you have installed in Steam or Oculus, it can find Windows Store apps and Windows Updates apps, and it can find hidden or protected applications, along with applications with damaged or missing uninstallers.It can also display all of these applications on your computer, and uninstall every single one of them, even the ones with damaged uninstallers. And it can uninstall them all in a single batch, making the uninstalling process fast and easy to do.Uninstalling done by BCUninstaller can be done “quietly,” meaning you don’t have to click anything or go through the applications uninstaller at all. The uninstallation will happen in the background of your computer, allowing you to go about your normal business while freeing up computer memory space at the same time.For applications that don’t support these silent uninstallations, BCUninstaller can still make most of them pretty quiet. Once again saving you time via sparing you clicks, and making removals that much easier.You can also set up BCU to issue commands without intervention, setting things up so that if an application meets a certain set of requirements, like not being used in the past year and having a low user rating, it will be automatically uninstalled without you having to do anything at all.This feature, on top of the removal of program “leftovers” application file directories in unused or empty folders, and any libraries or files that come directly from an application (although you can keep any of these files if you wish to; BCU asks before it removes them completely), makes BCU an incredible application for power users, system admins, and developers.It’s also perfect for average computer users, and even those with little to no technical know-how. With it being completely free, Bulk Crap Uninstaller is worth getting, and worth getting now.

How to get and use Bulk Crap Uninstaller

You have a few options of where you can get BCUninstaller for your computer. You can download it from FossHub or OSDN, or see it on GitHub, all of which are hosting services and code repositories for free, often open-source software.To use BCU, your computer must run Windows, and preferably run Windows Vista or later. It could work on a computer that uses Windows XP or Windows 2003, but the program would have reduced functionality. On top of this, the computer should have 50MB of free space for BCU to be downloaded, a somewhat fast drive, and 300MB or more of free RAM.On FossHub or OSDN, click all of the links for the files listed on the page. Then, run the Bulk Crap Uninstaller installer file—this one should have a .exe ending. Once you’ve finished going through the installer, the program should be good to go! Just open it, and take a look at the applications it detects on your hard drive.Once you’re in the BCU application window, you can select a single application, or more, and click the “Uninstall” or “Uninstall quietly” buttons at the top of the list to begin the uninstallation process.While selecting an application, you can rate it (which again, you can use as a factor for automatic uninstallation commands), and see some of its properties, like when you installed it, how much space it takes up on your computer, its publisher, and whether you have a verified or unverified certificate for it, whether it’s registered or a Windows app, and whether there’s a missing uninstaller.You can search and filter your searches in BCU to find which applications you want to remove.To set commands, or “scripts” as BCU understands them, just have BCU version 4.9 or later, and go to the Resources/Scripts folder inside of BCU’s installation directory. In this directory, input files with .xml extensions that custom add in applications that you specify, or custom rules for BCU to follow. For example scripts, and tips of how to do this more specifically, check out BCUninstaller’s manual.Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a simple, easy to use application that can uninstall applications you’ve forgotten you have downloaded, or just no longer want. When you do this, you free up memory space on your computer (more than usual, since BCU takes care of leftover files), and speeds it up. Since it’s a free application, you can check it out with nothing to lose.Download Bulk Crap Uninstaller from FossHub or OSDN, or find those links on With an older computer, or a computer you’re hoping to have for a long time, you’ll be very happy you did!

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