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Protect yourself against phishing scams with this essential browsing tool

Phishing attacks are very popular with cybercriminals nowadays. That’s because they are extremely successful at helping them find new victims.Recognizing fraudulent messages that look official can be difficult to the untrained eye. It’s much too easy to mistakenly click on one of these links that can lead to disaster.Identity theft, stolen credentials, and your critical files being encrypted by ransomware are a few nasty results of a phishing attack. Which is why it’s critical to avoid falling victim to them at all costs. This download can help with that.The Anti-Phishing & Authenticity Checker is an extension for your Google Chrome browser.This plugin will check for the URL authenticity for sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google. It checks for the website URL to see whether it’s the real website or not, that is requiring you to enter your credentials. If the URL is authentic, you will see a small green “Correct” icon to the right side of the omnibox.Once you see the “Correct” icon, you can safely login. If you don’t see the icon, do not enter your credentials and close the page immediately.We’ve told you about similar extensions in the past. The Web of Trust browser extension shows you which sites are safe for browsing and what needs to be avoided. Click here to check it out.Tools like these can really help make surfing the internet safe. Keep checking in with as we’re constantly sharing helpful tools. App background

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