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Protect your most sensitive files with this Android app

Your phone stores gigabytes upon gigabytes of highly personal information, and there’s no doubt it’s a big target for cybercriminals. Malware and phishing campaigns are spreading faster than ever; now is the time to lock down your info.

Your first step is double checking your phone’s built-in settings. Tap or click here to learn about 3 crucial security settings for your Android.

Then it’s time to turn to all the data stored in your phone. A recent update from Google makes it easier than ever to protect your files, for free.

Say goodbye to relying on third-party apps, and lock down your Android the easy way. We’ll walk you through it.

What is the Google’s Files app?

Files by Google launched in 2017 as an easy way to store and access files in the cloud when using a device with very little internal storage. This is ideal for anyone with a phone that had low storage to start with or an older phone packed with data.

Now Google Files has a handy new feature any Android user will love: Safe Folders. Creating a Safe Folder allows you to upload whatever documents, images, videos or audio files you’d like and lock them behind a four-digit PIN code.

Whenever you exit the Files app, your Safe Folders are locked. When you re-enter the Files app, you will have to re-enter your PIN to access your files again.

In the past, creating a secure, private folder for information you didn’t to share was more complicated. It required a third-party application, which may or may not be free, and you’d likely have to sign up for and learn another service. Now, security is just a few taps away from within the Files app.

Want even more security that’s only seconds away? Tap or click here to learn about the top 5 antivirus apps for Android smartphones.

How to create and use Safe Folders

To get started, you’ll need an Android device running Android 8.0 or later and the free Google Files app installed on your device. From there, it’s simple:

  1. Open Google Files.
  2. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to Collections.
  4. Tap Safe Folder.
  5. Enter a PIN and re-enter it to confirm.
  6. Choose whether you’d like your PIN remembered or not. You’re better off remembering this PIN yourself, if you can.

And now you’ve got your Safe Folder all set up. To access it, follow the same steps as above and enter your file. Adding files to your Safe Folder is easy, too:

  1. Open Google Files.
  2. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the down arrow next to the file of your choice and select Move to Safe Folder.
  4. Confirm your PIN.

From within your Safe Folder, delete files in the same manner they’re added. Just click the down arrow next to the file of your choice and then select Move out of Safe Folder.

Once your files are safe prying eyes, it’s time to open yours and take a good, hard look at your Android. Tap or click here to learn about 4 signs your Android device has a virus.

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