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Time magazine is one of the longest-running magazines in history. Some of the best photographers in the world work for this 94-year-old publication. If you’re interested in learning more about photography then you have to take a look at LightBox.LightBox is a blog that’s run by Time’s photo department. It’s not just a collection of striking images. It’s also a behind-the-scenes look at photojournalists’ projects. Blog entries also include tips that will help you take better pictures.They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Who better to hear those words from than the photographer who took the picture? Here’s a sample of some of the fascinating content you’ll find on LightBox:“Why We Do It: Photographers and Photo Editors on the Passion That Drives Their WorkWhat inspires someone to pursue a career in photography? Photographers and photo editors from National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post and several other publications describe why they’ve decided to remain in an industry that some would say is failing.“This Is a Great Camera for First-Time DSLR BuyersIf you’re new to photography, it’s hard to know what equipment is necessary This post will help you find a “good entry level DSLR.” The author describes four to five camera models and then gives pros and cons, such as the price and how user-friendly it is.“The Story Behind the TIME 100 Most Influential People’s Covers”The annual TIME 100 list is one of the magazine’s most iconic articles. Photographer Miles Aldridge explains his thought process and strategy for capturing the portraits of the influential people on the list.“My Favorite Moment with the PresidentFrom Nixon to Obama, past White House photographers recall their most memorable experiences with our country’s leaders. See the Bush grandchildren playing in George and Barbara’s room and an aerial shot of Reagan in the oval office. The story behind how these photos were taken is very intriguing.Click here or click the blue button below to explore the LightBox site. You can also find posts from Time’s photographers on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.
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