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Print Facebook photos with this quick trick

There are 2 billion people using Facebook every month. You’ve probably heard that astounding figure. Just think about this: In the history of the world, humans have never been able to communicate in real-time with so many other people.

You use Facebook for a lot more than chatting, though. These days, you may be posting Facebook Live videos. You can have a virtual garage sale on Facebook Marketplace. Of course, you post photos of your family, your friends, your pets and your travel destinations, too.

You’re not alone. Do you know how many photos people save on Facebook every day? It was 350 million back in 2013, according to Facebook. So, it’s definitely a lot more than that now.

It’s fun and easy to post photos to Facebook. But, there’s a downside to that convenience. If you’re like most people, you don’t print out photos very often. That’s too bad because there’s nothing like holding a photo to bring back memories.

You might spend minutes just gazing at photos of your children when they were young. You hold the picture and really take time to remember everything about them, about your house and about your life back then.

But how can you print Facebook photos? We’ve got an easy suggestion.

Bonus: Keep reading for an extra tip to inexpensively print out high-quality photos and documents.

Print Facebook Photos

If you want to print your own photos, you’ll need to first find them. On your Facebook feed, click on your profile icon and name in the upper-left corner.

Click on Photos >> click on Photos Of You or Your Photos or Albums >> click on the photo you want to print >> select Options >> Download >> open the file >> right-click on the photo and choose Print.

If you want to save that photo to your photo roll, right-click on the picture and select Save Image As. Give it a name and save it to your Photos folder. You can print it out later.

Bonus: How to print high-quality photos

When it comes to your precious photos or even the silly ones that make you laugh out loud, you want a high-quality photograph. To ensure that you get one for a great price, we recommend our sponsor Epson’s EcoTank printer.

You’ll print all your photos and documents at a fraction of the cost you’re paying now, and get a better result. That’s because EcoTank printers don’t use those little inkjet cartridges you’re always running out to buy. Those are messy, too.

Instead, EcoTank comes with a tankful of ink that will last most people about two years! Click here to get your EcoTank printer and start saving on ink today!

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